Friday, January 27, 2006

If the president says it, it must be true... Déjà vu?

As reported by the New York Times today:
Mr. Bush, [while speaking at a news conference on Thursday (Jan.26,2006)] said, "The Iranians have said, 'We want a weapon.' "
In fact, Iran has denied that it is pursuing a weapon, and in the afternoon, the White House spokesman, Scott McClellan, acknowledged that Mr. Bush had misspoken.
Does that sound like déjà vu to you?, maybe, the kind of stuff that happened in the run-up to the Iraq war?? (alternative link)

I'm not suggesting that Mr. Bush has firmly decided on starting a war with Iran, but one of two things are sure:
- either he said that sentence completely unintentionally, which then makes it a lapsus, always an interesting insight into the mind of Mr. Bush...
- or his administration is trying to pull off the same trick of misleading the general public by disseminating these kinds of little statements here and there, knowing full well that this is what sticks in people's memories and that the eventual corrective statement doesn't make it into the public consciousness.

So, misinformation or disinformation? I lean towards the latter.

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